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But they cautioned that the question of whether certain creative professions are connected to higher levels of psychological suffering is a problematic one for both the researcher and the artist. First there is the difficulty of defining terms like ''creativity,'' and ''madness. Moreover, popular culture has tended to glorify aberrant behavior in artists. Over the years, an artist like Vincent Van Gogh -- legendary for cutting off his ear as well as producing astonishing paintings -- has proved far more captivating to the public than a more mild-mannered artist like Claude Monet.

Similarly, many are considerably more fascinated by the poet Sylvia Plath, who committed suicide by putting her head in a gas oven, than by some of her more stable, though equally prolific and talented colleagues. Because the idea of the mad artist is so compelling, there have been far more studies tracking psychological imbalance in creative artists than in more pedestrian fields. For instance, a study linking the composer Robert Schumann's manic episodes to the music he produced has received considerable notice, said Dr.

Sybil Barten, professor emeritus of pyschology at Purchase College. But few would take seriously an attempt to analyze a baker's mood swing and the resultant quality of the loaves of bread that followed.

At the same time, research has revealed disproportionately high rates of mood disorders -- particularly manic depression, or bipolar disorder, and chronic depression -- among creative people. Kay Redfield Jamison, a professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, concluded in her study ''Touched With Fire: Manic Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament'' that among distinguished artists the rate of such depressive illnesses is 10 to 30 times as prevalent as the population at large.

A year study conducted by Dr. Arnold M. Ludwig, a University of Kentucky professor of psychiatry, also concluded that psychiatric disturbances are far more common among artists than in other professions. Ludwig, who studied more than 1, people, said his research revealed that poets were by far the most tortured individuals while scientists were the most balanced and stable. Felix Post, a British psychiatrist, studied more than writers, but concluded -- to his surprise -- that prose writers were prone to even more depressive bouts than poets though both were inclined to instability.

Insanity: The Complete Books 1-3

Who can not love a retold Alice in Wonderland fairy tale?! I purchased the books via Kindle - the price was cheap I figured even if I didn't enjoy it, that I wasn't out that much. The characters were easy to get into as was the story line and Pilla the Killa was just a hoot all the way through. A hookah smoking caterpillar who is also a detective and a serial killer -- and like Indiana Jones, he can strangle people with his hookah hoses. I laughed through about half of the book Who can not love a retold Alice in Wonderland fairy tale?!

I laughed through about half of the book and really enjoyed it. Book 2 was good.

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Still a good storyline, with more characters brought in and a bit more of the overall storyline brought in Book 3. Pilla was mostly on the sidelines or not in the story at all. New serial killers to catch and even in book 3, Alice not sure she is Alice so she had issues she should have worked out by now I would think. Not a lot of laughing in Book 3 but a lot of looking to see how much I had left to read and hoping the ending was going to make a big shabang to make it worth reading all 3 together, The storyline began jumping around as the time frame in the storyline began jumping around Then I saw that there are additional books to this series - which I will not buy.

Great beginning, mediocre middle and less than stellar ending. Book 3 needs more work to bring it up to speed with the other 2. Dec 31, Matt W Read rated it it was amazing.

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Loved it Insanity Makes me wanna read Alice in wonderland. I most likely will after I finish up with this series here. Dec 13, zapkode rated it it was amazing Shelves: ebooks , retelling , young-adult , plus-books. I am one mega fan of them.

I love each and every retelling I have read at this point. I have read these particular books in the past and enjoyed them. However, I had not been able to complete the series. Cameron Jace has taken this classic and turned it into something new and something fresh that readers young and old will surely be able to fall in love with over and over again.

This book is chalk full of information about Lewis Carroll. It also contains in a round about way characters, descriptions and more from the Alice and Wonderland book series. I was rather excited to see that I am able to access this series through Kindle Unlimited seeing as I had lost my original copies of these books when I had a hard drive crash. Alice Wonder is introduced as a modern day lunatic that is a current underground resident at the Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum.

She has been a resident since she was seventeen years old and had killed all of her classmates and her boyfriend in a bus accident. Once she had been tried for that crimes she was sentenced to the Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum until at which point she could be deemed sane again.

Creative Insanity...The Book!

When she had found her way back she was telling a tale about a place called Wonderland. She attempted to hold true to her story that Wonderland was real throughout the beginning of her stay at the Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum. After a while and many shock therapy sessions she began to think that she was indeed insane and that Wonderland was a hallucination and was never a real place. He finds a way to smuggle her in and out of Radcliffe Lunatic Asylum so that she can help him solve crimes that are happening because of a War with Wonderland monsters.

In this particular book it is up to Alice to save a young girl from the Cheshire Cat. The Cheshire Cat has been on a recent killing spree and it is up to Alice to help the Pillar figure out why it is happening and how to stop it from continuing. I have not personally read the original Alice in Wonderland story — I think I just may need to after reading this insane adventure that Cameron Jace has written. She then starts to question her own sanity again. Eventually, Pillar summons for her and they go on another adventure together.

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It is also rather interesting to read about Pillar and how he and Alice piece together little clues here and there in an attempt to try and bring The Cheshire Cat and The Muffin Man to justice. It would appear that the two of them working side by side have some type of unofficial detective gig going on when it comes to finding out what the Cheshire Cat is up to and why he continues to murder. I think that that information is going to help set the stage for how I will be able to imagine the story in my mind, from this point forward.

The thing I love most about books is that they allow you to decide how you want to see the story unfold within your imagination. This book series definitely allows for one to use their imagination in order to envision what is assumed to be the authors masterpiece written within the pages of this book.

I look forward to reading on to the third book in the series. I am thoroughly enjoying reading them again. The title of the book has true meaning to the plot of this book. It also helps us to better understand Alice and her back history. Alice really questions her sanity in this book. I know that is to be expected given the situation. However, some of the things she is forced to endure throughout the book would make even a sane person wonder if they were or were not insane.

I also think that for a rather insane girl she shows a crap ton of courage.

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Even though the world seems to be completely and utterly against her, it appears she still has courage to try and stand up for herself, but most of all to stand up for other people. I am also very much interested in learning more about all the other Wonderlanders that have been introduced so far and hope to be introduced to many more. This is definitely a series that I am looking forward to trying to read through to the end!

Insanity: The Future of Creativity

It is brilliantly written, it is captivating and it really leaves the reader wanting more at the end of each book! Jan 20, claire rated it it was amazing. Just brilliant Hooked by the first chapter. Such an unusual but riveting story. Love how it draws you in so you want to keep reading more. Such an exciting series of books. Can't wait to start book 4. Dec 24, Sabri rated it it was amazing. I can't wait for 6.

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I'm irrevocably mad over this book. Dec 18, Sophie rated it it was ok. I don't know what happened here. The premise seemed so interesting but the execution of it fell short. Happy I didn't have to pay money for my copy. Jan 17, Luan Jones rated it really liked it. Started and finished book 1 the same day as there was no good place to stop. Absolutely recommend this book. Jan 10, Eleanor added it. Absolutely brilliant series, highly under appreciated and one of my favouirtes! Feb 06, Alasdair King rated it it was ok.

I bought this because it was being sold a something the late, dear Terry Pratchett would have written. Couldn't have been further from the truth and I was very disappointed. The storylines are simple but rambling. The overall premise has potential but the execution leaves something to be desired. And then very sad to find that the story doesn't wrap up at the end of the third book.