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Who needs a bitcoin ETF? John Detrixhe Future of Finance Reporter. Defiance 4 The cube landed in the region of the planet that would eventually become Nevada around 10, BC; Megatron successfully tracked the cube to Earth, but wound up crashing in the Arctic and freezing solid for hundreds of years, to be eventually discovered in by Captain Archibald Witwicky. Four years later, in , the government operatives tasked to investigating this frozen "Mega-Man" discovered the AllSpark in the Colorado River.

Movie Prequel 2 Metallurgist Lou Hoover and her husband Herbert were called in by the government to examine the cube, but it would take over a decade before Herbert was able to orchestrate the diversion of the river so the cube could be excavated. The excavation of the AllSpark took place in , but was interrupted by the arrival of the Seeker Jetfire , who had been stranded on Earth thousands of years ago.

Jetfire accidentally triggered a discharge of Energon from the cube which brought a collection of machines to life, and the Hoovers were forced to break open the floodgates and allow the river to "drown" the creatures and submerge the cube once more.

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Herbert subsequently ran for President of the United States and won, orchestrating the construction of the Hoover Dam in the area to serve as a new, more durable and permanent housing for the AllSpark. Following the Decepticons' defeat in Mission City, Starscream recovered the deactivated Frenzy from Hoover Dam in order to obtain the information the spy had amassed on the AllSpark from Sector Seven's database. The Reign of Starscream 2 He beamed this data to Cybertron before returning there himself, where it was used to constructed a huge replica AllSpark.

The Reign of Starscream 3 Starscream sacrificed the lives of five Autobot prisoners of war to "jump-start" his new AllSpark, only to find that the construct simply Before Starscream could deduce the source of the problem, the Decepticons that had been following him turned on him for his failure, and the replica cube was destroyed by Arcee. The Reign of Starscream 5.

A month after the events in Mission City, the Autobots went to a secret Sector Seven facility located in the Nevada desert to escort the remains of the deactivated Decepticons to their resting place in the Laurentian Abyss. When the AllSpark shard Prime had taken from Megatron's body pulsed with energy near the Decepticon leader's corpse, Optimus Prime feared the worst and handed it to Professor Vine for safekeeping. After the Autobots left, Agent Simmons convinced Vine to take the shard into their underground facility, since to keep it in the open would only attract Decepticons, though Vine had misgivings considering the stasis-locked Decepticon Wreckage was also in the same facility.

Vine's fears were well-founded: as he and Simmons moved the shard into secure storage, its energy reactivated both the very angry Wreckage and Sector Seven's own L. Alliance 2 After the attack, the AllSpark fragment was retrieved from the rubble by Salani and returned it to Optimus Prime.

Alliance 3. Eventually, the Autobots and the American military entered into a formal alliance to defend Earth, and the AllSpark fragment was stored in a bunker under their base on the island of Diego Garcia.

Following the defeat of The Fallen, a new threat emerged to bedevil both Autobot and Decepticon alike: the Initiative , a mysterious cabal headed by the Transformer-hating Carter Newell. The organization sought to recreate the AllSpark,although the other members of the Initiative board did not realize Carter's true reasons for doing so: having been crippled by a Decepticon Seeker named Fortress in his youth, he now sought to exterminate the Transformers with their own technology.

Nefarious 5. Recovering and reanimating the remains of the deceased Ravage, the Initiative placed the Decepticon under their control and had him liberate the appliancebots from Guantanamo Bay. Tales of the Fallen 5 They drained the AllSpark energy from their bodies in order to feed the artificial AllSpark construct they had created at their mobile base in Inyokern, California , but it proved an inadequate yield: if the construct was not fed with more genuine AllSpark energy to keep it stable, it would rage out of control and destroy most of the Solar System.

Nefarious 1.

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To feed the construct, Initiative troops penetrated Hoover Dam and gathered up the residual AllSpark energy left there after the cube's long residence. Nefarious 4 The still-growing AllSpark consumed it quickly, but was briefly stabilized by the influx of new power, allowing Carter to connect his body and mind to the AllSpark's energies. Contact with the vast cosmic consciousness of the cube only gave him that final push into true megalomania, and during a subsequent virtual conference with the other members of the Initiatve board, he transmitted the AllSpark's energy over the network, bringing to life various pieces of equipment in the board members' offices.

The feral newborn robots promptly killed all the board members, leaving him in sole control of the organization. To fight back, Carter instructed that all the Transformers that had been captured and brainwashed by the Initiative over the years be released, and that he would power them with the artificial AllSpark. This proved too much for the cube to handle, and it went into meltdown. Carter refused to listen the warnings of the Initiative staff, using the AllSpark's power to kill Hank Kirkpatrick before being badly wounded by Reedman, who had been released by Ravage for just that purpose.

Believing that the AllSpark would heal his wounds given time, Carter retreated in a portion of the mobile base, but was pursued by Optimus Prime, Buzzsaw at the command of Soundwave, watching from above and Fortress, who had been serving as the living core of the mobile base and had been freed by Carter's relative and Initiative staffer Ingrid.

Prime caused Carter's vehicle to crash, and recovered the artificial AllSpark from the wreckage, attempting to stop its meltdown by feeding it with energy from his own Spark. Buzzsaw proceeded to kill Carter, and Fortress then convinced Prime to hand over the AllSpark construct so that he could teleport it away to the depths of space, where it exploded without harming any innocent life. Nefarious 6.

While Bumblebee's team distracted Megatron, Optimus Prime himself had to press the fatal button that would launch the AllSpark into space. While he was struggling with the decision at the last moment, fearing the potential slow death he would be condemning Cybertron to if he carried through with his plans, an alarm alerted Prime to the attack of a drone that had been specifically sent to destroy him. Instructing his assistant Arctus to launch the AllSpark if he did not return in ten cycles , Prime headed out to battle the drone, but the fight only wound up carrying them back into the AllSpark's chamber.

To destroy the drone, Prime transformed to his cometary protoform mode and smashed clean through it, rendering himself unconscious in the process. When Prime awoke, he looked up to see the AllSpark rocketing away into space. Prelude: Optimus Prime. The AllSpark had not been cast blindly into the sea of stars, however: It had, in fact, been launched directly towards the Alkaris Anomaly , a wormhole that could potentially transport the cube to an infinite number of locations in the universe.

Briefly delayed by an Autobot tractor beam , Megatron could not stop the cube from entering the wormhole, and instead chose to follow it into the anomaly.

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While the AllSpark was disgorged somewhere in the vicinity of the Sol system, to eventually crash on Earth, Megatron was deposited by the wormhole in some other, far off star system, leaving him to hunt for the Cube through the endless reaches of space. Prelude: Megatron. Later on, a space-travelling Ironhide would be captured by an alien craft—its inhabitants appeared to be immense entities that claimed the All Spark had been stolen from them, and did a psychic probe of Ironhide. They turned out to be " electrical ghosts ", a digital imprint from another time kept alive by the photon-rich atmosphere; the ship was a derelict, salvaged by another rather feeble alien race that had been using these ghosts as a front.

The ship contained a device attuned to AllSpark energy though, making it clear the original inhabitants did have some connection to the AllSpark Lost In Space 3: Ironhide. Immediately after the end of the clash in Mission City, the battle's sole Decepticon survivor, Starscream , set upon the collection of machines that the All Spark had brought to life during the chaos. From each of them, he plucked the spark of life that the All Spark had granted them, which took the form of small red cubes like the All Spark itself.

By placing them into the bodies of his fallen Decepticon comrades, Starscream reanimated them as a kind of robotic zombie and sent them against the recuperating Autobots. Ratchet was able to deduce what was powering the undead Decepticons, and instructed his allies to target the All Spark energy signatures in their bodies, thereby allowing them to destroy them again. Starscream's Militia. After defeating Optimus Prime, Megatron killed Sam Witwicky and claimed the AllSpark, bonding himself to it and gaining the ability to channel its power.

The cube was installed at a base in Savannah, Georgia , where Megatron began using it to cyberform Earth into a new Cybertron.

Sparks in Cosmic Dust (eBook)

Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 1 Megatron placed Optimus Prime in cryo-stasis, but Bumblebee and Mikaela Banes freed him, and the two leaders battled, with Megatron's ability to channel the energy from the AllSpark allowing him to heal any wound Prime inflicted. Bumblebee saved the day when he hit Megatron with a nano-virus provided by Sector Seven that blocked the AllSpark's energy, successfully killing him. At the same time as this fight went on, Ratchet and Ironhide penetrated the Georgia base, and Ratchet was forced to detonate the AllSpark in order to save Earth.

Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: 5 A fragment of the AllSpark survived the explosion, which, due to the cube's very nature, could conceivably possess all the power of the original object.

Cosmic Sparks

Fearing that Megatron's link to the AllSpark could have corrupted it somehow, Optimus Prime assigned Ratchet as the shard's guardians, Aftermath Part 1 but Ratchet could not resist trying to use the shard to revive Jazz —who was reborn as an amoral villain, proving the fragment had been indeed corrupted.

Dark Spark. Starscream discovered that Megatron still lived on in a form, having downloaded his consciousness into the module he had used to control the AllSpark at the moment of his death. Starscream had absorbed this module into himself, and so wound up being "haunted" by Megatron, who cajoled and taunted him into placing the module and an AllSpark fragment into Megatron's corpse, resurrecting him.

Revolution Part Three. During a series of battles that followed the defeat of The Fallen, the AllSpark was repeatedly and rather anomalously referred to as if it still existed, when the cube had long since been destroyed. When describing a clash between Sideswipe and Barricade , Optimus Prime claimed that the Autobot warrior was acting "in defense of the AllSpark".

The AllSpark of this universe is a sphere of blueish crystal. It is not known with absolute certainty if it predates Cybertron in this reality; the earliest record of its existence is its appearance in many primitive etchings from Cybertronian pre-history, dating to around eight billion years ago. The AllSpark's volatility meant that it required a housing to safely harness its powers, and so legend says that seven billion years ago, a mysterious hammer of alien origin that would become the symbol of Autobot leadership known as the Magnus Hammer was used to forge a container for the crystal sphere, which then held it through until the present day.

Kept in the hands of the ruling body of Cybertron originally the Guardians , later the Protectobots and finally the Autobots the AllSpark was used to generate new Transformer life by infusing the protoforms formed from the protomatter mined from Cybertron's Sonic Canyons with Sparks.

Around seventy million years ago, the Decepticon faction emerged, advocating the use of the AllSpark to bring Cybertron itself to life, that it might serve as a cosmic juggernaut that would allow the Transformers to return to the era of expansion and colonization of other worlds they had enjoyed nearly million years beforehand.

When the Decepticon leader Megazarak was ousted by charismatic rhetorician named Megatron , tensions finally exploded, and the Autobots and Decepticons went to war for possession of the AllSpark. After something in the vicinity of six million years of civil war, things reached a crisis point when the Decepticons began a strategic bombing campaign on Cybertron, demanding the AllSpark be turned over in exchange for a cessation of hostilities.

The AllSpark Almanac II Rather than give in to Megatron's demands, the Autobots instead sought to put the AllSpark beyond any Cybertronian's reach, launching it randomly through a space bridge to some distant corner of the galaxy, where it was hoped it would never be found.