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Narrator John Banks with his smooth accent and deep tones seemed like an odd choice of reader for this book at first, but I quickly came around. In fact, I think his serious, earnest style only emphasized the humor. Overall, I would highly recommend this audiobook.

View 1 comment. Jun 03, Kaitlin rated it really liked it Shelves: my-sff-faves.

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A solid 4. This follows a rag-tag group who live in a world filled with Gods and Dragons.

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The section of the world we're focused on is fairly similar to a 'classic' medieval fantasy, but the witty awareness of the author whilst writing made this book into something so much more than the average and I have to say that this is rude, lewd and crude throu A solid 4. The section of the world we're focused on is fairly similar to a 'classic' medieval fantasy, but the witty awareness of the author whilst writing made this book into something so much more than the average and I have to say that this is rude, lewd and crude throughout but for me that was a large part of the charm!

The section of the world we're focused on is ruled over by crazy evil dragon lords who are pretty beastly as you can see by the cover illustration! Mattrax is the dragon who rules over this particular spot of land and he's quite beastly! We follow Will, a young man who owns a farm and is just trying to scrape by until one day his farm is taken by the Dragons and he has to abandon it and flee for his life.

Will quickly meets our other main characters, Quirk, Lette and Balur and the four of them plus a raving drunk man concoct a plan to steal from Mattrax and get him back for all the horrors he's inflicted on Will and the other local's lives What I adored about this book was the fact that it truly kept me laughing out loud and smiling throughout. It's a great story featuring pretty evil dragons a big plus and some wonderfully entertaining characters. I really loved the way Will constantly walked into things he was trying to avoid, the way Balur stood for his tribe and himself before all else but he also wasn't fully playing into the barbarian trope and how Lette and Quirk both turned gender-roles on their head by being completely savage and completely intellectual respectively.

This is just the beginning of course and I am very excited for book 2 to come out later this year as no doubt it will continue to bring this world and these great characters back to life for more escapades and I am definitely up to read more of that. Brilliant fun and witty throughout - 4. View 2 comments. Jan 20, Belinda rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy.

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Still have to get my thoughts together about what I heard. Apr 14, kartik narayanan rated it it was amazing Shelves: unfinished-series. Fool's Gold is an excellent mash of fantasy and humour. This book grips you by the throat right from the start with its humour, and never lets go. There are few rough edges though. I found some of the humour to be forced in the first third of the book. And some of the scatological references get old after a while. Thankfully, there is more variety to be found which helped me get over these few minor annoyances. In addition to the humour, the characters are also memorable in a sense since they are Fool's Gold is an excellent mash of fantasy and humour.

In addition to the humour, the characters are also memorable in a sense since they are so stereotypical that they are self-referential.

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This stereotyping somehow works in this setting akin to Deadpool. The dragons are all evil bastards, their minions dumb as bricks, the hero is a farmboy, the muscle has simple aspirations to life, the mage is unstable; well you get the idea. The story, too, works very well in this context.

It has its fair share of tropes but Jon Hollins somehow makes this whole mixture - humour, characters, tropes - work very well. The action sequences are great with the climax being the best. Well, this is a fair comparison. I would however replace Ocean's 11 with the TV series Legends of Tomorrow with their bumbling but well meant plans.

In conclusion, I have rarely had as much fun reading a book as with Fool's Gold. Sep 07, FanFiAddict rated it it was amazing. First off, thanks to Hachette Audio and Libro. Receiving this audio copy does not influence my thoughts or opinions on the novel or author.

One of the easiest recommendations I can make if you enjoy audiobooks. Jon Banks is again phenomenal and never ceases to make daily commute highly entertaining.

The Dragon Lords: False Idols

Have you ever come across a book that exceeds your expectations? Who am I kidding. Pegged as Guardians of the Galaxy meets The Hobbit, it was a no-brainer to at the very least get a copy of the book plus, you know, being a cover snob and all. I know he is a funny guy based on his social media presence, but it shines brighter on paper.

Will Fallows is farm boy from one of the poorest villages in Kondorra Valley. Finding it difficult to make ends meet, thanks in large part to the Dragon Consortium raising taxes at an exorbitant rate each year, he slaves away in the hopes that his days will get better. Well, unfortunately for him, they get worse. On the trail to an unlikely new beginning, Will becomes fast acquaintances with two traveling mercs, Lette and her 8-foot tall lizardman, Balur.

The five of them contrive a plan to steal from Mattrax, the Dragon Lord who is the cause of all this grief, and in doing so, bring some life back into the Valley. Being one of the most idiotic and insane plans every devised, Will is quick to point out how quickly they will fail and how the entire Valley is doomed to perish once they do.

But knowing how rich they will become if they succeed binds them into blind faith. It is really difficult not to get the correlation between this novel, Guardians, and The Hobbit. There are so many nods to the two that you will get a headache, you know, from all the nodding. But it is so much more than that. But, having said all of that, Balur is the best thing about this novel. I feel that there is plenty in here to love for the average fantasy reader, and even enough to satisfy the cravings of the most seasoned of readers. Oct 08, Nicholas Eames rated it it was amazing.

He might have turned over the final page of some dour tome of epic fantasy and thought: Fuck this noise—I want something fun for a change. And then, upon discovering this inexplicable vacuum in the universe of fantasy literature, he probably decided to write this book before anyone else did.

Because that premise—the idea of a rag-tag band pulling off elaborate heists under the noses snouts? Oct 29, Roy rated it liked it. It wasn't a bad book. Solid action fantasy with mixed comedic elements. Could appeal to those who like the witty banter mixed with minimal fantasy tropes thrown in.

The action scenes are quite well done, and the characters are fun but none really stood out for me Will annoyed me haha. Jul 26, Fantasy Literature rated it it was amazing. In the lovely but oppressed Kondorra valley, humans farm and fish and pay taxes to the Dragon Consortium, a united band of dragons who demand exorbitant amounts of gold every year and take pleasure in using their subjects for aerial target practice. The people are downtrodden, miserable, and in desperate need of salvation from a Dec 01, Jenifer rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf , bookclub-selection.

Got over 6 hours into the book and I just couldn't go on any further. The book was ridiculous and there wasn't a character I liked and the plot line was awful. I'm sorry I wasted 6 hours of listening time on this.

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