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Yes, CLP is new but every company has to start somewhere, but over the last year we have grown and have been extremely busy with a veritable deluge of submissions. But like everything worthwhile, CLP is still a work in progress, so please don't be too harsh on us. In the interest of Quality Assurance and seeing how we're being viewed on the web, I stumbled upon this site and read your comments, and felt compelled to respond. I would like to invite you to revisit the site at www.

Mine have made me very empathetic in the process which was one of my main reasons for starting CLP, which has grown from a one woman show, to a staff of four. Terrie L. Last edited by laura57; at AM. Reason: addess at the left hand side is mispelled. Does anyone have any more information on this publisher? I don't normally deal with e-books, so I'll throw this out for others more knowledgeable than me to dissect. Strictly from a curiosity point of view, is this pretty standard?

Their covers aren't terribly impressive, nor is their site.

Cardiff Met ban lecturers from using 'sexist phrases'

Reminds me of my college web design projects. That being said, it generally isn't a good sign when a publisher is trying to publish in every genre out there. Nor when the people who started the company are published by said company. Even successful e-pubs limit themselves, and if they decide to go in a new genre they open up an imprint.

And I don't know of any successful publishers, commercial or e-pub, who have an entire staff who are published by them. It sends the message 'we couldn't hire professionals'. They don't inspire confidence, I'd pass. Those royalty rates would be about average for ebooks.

Thanks, Veinglory. Thank you. I saw their name on another forum and then couldn't figure out what they were - POD or self-p or just ebooks. A friend of mine has 3 books with them. One book has been out for over a year now. He tells me he hasn't seen a cent in royalties. The second excuse was the time it takes to convert US dollars into Canadian dollars, and then cut a check.

Even so it can't take over 12 months to do this IMO. Like many of us he lacks the funds to hire an attorney to pursue this. He says that his book has gotten reviews on amz, but I'm wondering if these are planted. I should also say that emails and phone calls are going unanswered. Last edited by citymouse; at PM. CP, please move this post to the existing thread. I don't have any books with them, but a friend of mine tried to sub to them.

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Their email listed doesn't work. I could be wrong but it seems they don't have any recent books out. Backing up, I shined my headlights a different direction, then I made a small tight circle and lit up the entire parking area a little at a time. Low mesquites and spindly live oaks bordered one side of the lot. It was the sort of foliage that loved a little water now and then but thrived just as well without it.

I saw neither Matt nor Rose. After a few minutes, I pulled out of the lot and circled the pond as far as I could go. This seemed too weird.

I put the car in reverse and executed a careful turnaround. When my headlights picked out the figure at the edge of the water, I inhaled sharply. It was not what I expected to find. A branch cracked, a shadow moved, and panic slid between my ribs like a blade. The figure turned toward my headlights, definitely female. She wore her long hair lose and flowing. I put the car in PARK and opened my door tentatively, putting one foot on the ground. She stared into my headlights, one hand shielding her eyes like a sailor looking for land, and then, like a flash, she ran straight at me.

Straight toward my little Honda with the window rolled down. Her hair flew out behind her and it was all so surreal that for a moment, I simply sat there, paralyzed. Then she raised her right hand above her head.

In her grip, I caught a glimpse of silver. She also worked as a operator and a police dispatcher. Most of the time, it even keeps her sane. I should have known I would end up here Give me a good book and I'm in heaven. Especially romance, mystery, mayhem, the fantastic and the fey. Give me a laptop and I'm writing any one of these, and not in any particular order.

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View all posts by Danita Minnis. Happy Monday! Author Interview: Jacki Kelly 1. I love writing romance. Author Interview: p. I have always enjoyed reading mysteries and suspense. There is something about a book that keeps the reader on … Continue reading Author Interview: p. Author Interview: R. Scott Willis 1. Author Interview 1. I write paranormal romance. I choose romance because of my life-long obsession with love and happily-ever-afters. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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