Futurehit. DNA: How The Digital Revolution Is Changing Top 10 Songs

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Video games are getting deeper though, and maybe one day they will be able to provide the same feeling of connection to the universe; the artificial intelligence in Crysis was pretty amazing actually and a lot of progress is made in that field. Kinect is a step in the right direction and quite revolutionary. Now if only I could find an Earthshaker machine somewhere Sunday April 4th, , For 21 years now, John Ernesto and his giant team of volunteers put on what could be the coolest Jazz Festival in the country.

After we flew in on Friday, we caught Brian Bromberg with his group at the Jazz Base club in the Crowne Plaza where lots of concerts happen. Later on that night, Gerald Veasley , who runs the club yearlong, hosted a great jam. The next day we got to play to a sold out ballroom, catching performances of Steve Smith's Vital Information and Joe Sample and the Jazz Crusaders who were just awesome.

That night another jam followed teeming with great musicians! We got to hang with mr. Wednesday March 30th, , And here we sit again, 4 out of 5 staring at a laptop, sippin' on a beverage at Starbucks; even outside on the patio it's 3 out of 7! What's the meaning of this?

It certainly hasn't always been this way, and it's come on very fast. Where is it going? It doesn't seem that people are getting tired of it and they are quite comfortable living virtually on Facebook et al. I'm just about done with my adventure in the land of Crysis! What a ride it was and definitely a piece of art.

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It certainly has satisfied my basic manly desire to destroy things, blow them into a million pieces! And it certainly has made me less frustrated, not more violent like some people would suggest would happen! We should never pretend that we don't just about all have a destructive side My friend Marcel noted today that it was weird that all of a sudden we don't hear anything about Japan anymore, so I went to the IAEA website to check what's up with the Fukushima reactors.

They're certainly not out of the woods yet. One of the spent rods container is at oC, which is oF! You can draw your own conclusions. Japan is a very advanced and rich country so they can clean up the mess and pick up where they left off, and my thoughts are with the people OK, we're at 8 out of 10 right now, and 1 of the 2 is on the phone!

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At some point, we'll all turn ourselves into simulations running in a giant mainframe; Avatars that can be anything they want, no need for a body that'll just break down. Strangely enough, that will mean we won't be burdening the planet very much anymore, and with every die shrink look it up! Until E. Monday March 28th, , For people on the cutting edge, the game set an incredibly high benchmark for graphics; when the game came out, even the highest powered machines struggled to get decent framerates. It was all the rage, and I didn't even bother! New technology and awesome graphics definitely do it for me and I do try to make time to enjoy them.

After spending the last few years sitting at the computer making music most of the time, I need a solid computer.

Futurehit.DNA: How The Digital Revolution Is Changing Top 10 Songs

I never buy the latest stuff, because it's simply not worth the extra cost. My current Q runs anything I throw at it and Sandy Bridge will replace it at the end of this year probably Guess what? This thing plays Crysis very well! I've been playing it all weekend, and it really is a spectacular looking game, although not the most fun one I've played.

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When I hear people salivating over the newest tech, I wonder what happened to the old wisdom "patience is a virtue" that mankind was supposed to have acquired. This brings me to my last point.

Data-Driven Research in Music Cognition

I've been thinking a lot about investment and destruction of capital. As we turn more and more into a society driven by consumption, we must keep in my mind how much we're truly investing and how much we're blowing our hard earned cash. A hundred years ago, people invested money in property that was made to last; from houses and equipment worth fixing.

They are used for a short period of time, after which they become pretty much worthless. Now, would you buy gold plated disposable forks? They need to have a certain amount of quality, but not more than what's necessary for proper operation. Bottom line is, we're making more money than we know what to do with, and we need to make sure that 50 years from now, we have something to show for it, other than piles and piles of discarded toys and gadgets! Saturday March 26th, , Spring is here, but our weather in L. Looks like we're going to Canada with the Ripps this year, which is something I'm very much looking forward to.

The only time I've been north of the border, was for a few hours when visiting Buffalo on a frequent flyer ticket about to expire. I took a drive up to St. Now that the collapse of the Oasis Contemporary Jazz awards has marked the official death of Smooth Jazz, it'll be interesting to see what some of these artists are gonna do. The Rippingtons was never really a Smooth Jazz band, so hopefully Russ will get back to some more adventurous composing and boldly go where no one has gone before I think a lot about the future of music, and what's been on my mind is the future of the 'channel'.

When I was a kid in Holland, we had 2 TV channels, and a few radio stations. There were a few newspapers and many magazines. In those days, significantly fewer albums were released than today, probably by a factor , and even then, people needed a filter if you will, to find the gems. Some channels were just for feeding familiar hits, but there have always been channels that specialize in bringing the hottest NEW stuff.


They were invaluable in breaking new artists and new music. Nobody has the time or desire to listen to everything new that comes out to find out what's good. Between Youtube, Myspace, Facebook and everything else, you could extrapolate and say that each and every single work is its own channel! SO, the question becomes, how do you find something new that's worth adding to your world? In the end though, this is not the solution.

After this free-for-all experiment, where everybody has equal powers to publish AND vote, I think we're gonna need channels; it's in the nature of humans to follow, and I don't see the digital revolution changing that very quickly We are social animals, and what we consume also binds us to others who like the same things. Every group needs a director, a leader to decree what's hot and what's not. Tuesday March 15th, , What a reminder of how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things: mother earth can mess us up with a flick of her wrist!

I hope the nuclear disaster in Japan will be relatively contained, but let's never forget our weaknesses. The Japanese were about as prepared as humanly possible and look at the destruction Now, I've been reading the comments on the LA Times website to all the articles over the last year or so, and what really blows my mind is the political nature of so many. Of course the makeup of people taking the time to comment on the site is not completely representative of the general population, but the sheer amount of posts does say something; I think we need to get over this polarization and start working together again.

This is NOT the time to discuss the future of nuclear power; such discussion requires calm and calculated minds, not emotional rhetoric and panic driven argumentation.

See a Problem?

Let's face it: generating power is dangerous and costly, any way we choose to do it. Wanna talk about how many people have died in coal mines? Oil exploration accidents? It's not as spectacular as a nuclear meltdown, but numbers are important here Sunday March 13th, , In Europe there's a streaming service called Spotify which has two ways of consumption: free with commercial interruptions, or through a paid subscription 5 euros or something like that commercial free. The amount and diversity of music on it is pretty astonishing, and when I was hanging out at the Metropolis in Groningen last year, the bartender was using it to play music.

I got curious and asked him to please look for my album, and guess what: I was very pleased to find out it was there, ready to be heard in the Netherlands!

Futurehit. Dna: How the Digital Revolution Is Changing Top 10 Songs - Jay Frank - Google книги

Ever since, I get a small amount of money every so often from them, depending on how many plays my album got; it's specified by song, and there seem to be 2 different pay scales, I would guess depending on whether the listener had a paid subscription or not. The amounts per play are small highest is about 0. I think this is the most honest and fair way of paying artists: by the play, not per song.

http://modernpsychtraining.com/cache/phone/jehom-what-is.php Shouldn't someone who wrote a tune that gets played over and over get paid more than someone who writes a throw away novelty tune that gets played once and then never again? The threshold of entry is low, free even, and it's far more convenient than illegally downloading, for a price just about anyone can afford. Not everybody is on board, but this is where consumers have the power. There's more than enough great music on there, not to have to go to other sources. I've had a computer on my TV for 10 years already, something that the world seems to be catching up to finally.

Unlike a physical product, you are NOT allowed to even resell it when you don't want it anymore; another reason why the price should have been significantly less, but I digress Bottom line is: after years of ripping DVDs to my computer actually illegal in the land of the free believe it or not!