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Tags: Cello , Pre-Twinkle. I have a 4 year old daughter in Suzuki Violin. She started this summer. Her 2. I let her play my violin but she knows it is not a cello and she asks. We watch cello on youtube and she is pretty much obsessed with the instrument. We have been told that cello is much too difficult for even a three year old and that she would have to start violin or piano at age 3 if we indeed start her. I really think my very strong minded child is going to stick to her wish to play cello.

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Is it unheard of for a 3 year old to play cello. We are going to get her a cello now because it is such a passion.

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My son started studying cello when he was 3 2 months shy of 4. Allow the child play with the instrument, as if it were a toy, to foster a sense of enjoyment. Did I read this in Nurtured by Love? How wonderful that your young daughter has already got the cello bug! Some teachers will start them earlier than others. Find your teacher first, before getting a cello.

Find out when they will start, what their prerequisites are, and what they recommend for a cello.

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If you came to me, I would recommend starting with a box or foam cello first and dowel practice bow. Twinkle rhythms, etc.

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I would allow a few minutes of unguided playing, too, but preferably not without some focused steps to playing also happening, as there is some danger in developing bad habits. Piatigorsky started with a long stick for a cello and a short stick for a bow until his parents got him a real cello for his seventh birthday. I imagine most of his stick-cello playing was unguided.

Barb Music Teachers Helper —for individual teachers Studio Helper —for entire music studios or schools. It really is important to get the early stages right. Make it fun by turning it into a game. We all learn best when we are engaged and enjoying ourselves. Anything that is repeated often enough will be learnt by the nervous system. Each repetition strengthens the neural network involved in making the action, with a layer of insulating fatty myelin. This makes a neural pathway, from the brain to the muscle, which only breaks down through age or disease.

A new stronger network has to be created and insulated, while the old network is still trying to kidnap all the traffic to the muscles. For instance, has she tried making her bow thumb stand up and take a bow? Have you made bunny rabbits and bounced them around, doing bunny things?

Has she turned the rabbit into a butterfly? Has she hung from your finger like a monkey? There are zillions of things you can do to keep her enthusiasm going till she starts playing. I know this is an old thread but I just had to comment. Archived from the original on July 30, Retrieved August 14, Google Operating System.

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