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I have a few chickens and geese to look after, and the property to take care of. Sitters would be able to enjoy long walks and a lovely time away. English or French speaking only. Own transport essential. Sitters required who appreciate a visit to the country side of the French Pyrenees,…. I'm looking for someone that will love and take care of my animals as their own. Keep my house as it was when you arrived, and maybe mow the lawn when needed.

In the country side but only a short walk to a village with all amenities.

House-Sitting in France: A Cross-Cultural Guide for Anglophones | Blog - Nomador

House sitters need to be reasonably fit and active,there are steps to board the boat To live aboard and attend to the normal household duties very nice live aboard roomy boat in marina with electricity , water, internet and parking. Boat has 3 cabins,wheelhouse, saloon, two shower…. Someone who likes the countryside and will respect it. The house is not entirely finished and it's certainly not a show home!

It is beautiful none the less, so someone who does not mind things being a bit "rustic"! Must own a car. Feed, exercise and play with Podge, my dog.

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The most important for us is that our two indoor- cats are nicely cared for, not only food and drink, but also lots of caresses! Caring nicely for our two cats. This includes cleaning out their litter box every day and giving them food, fresh water and cuddling them - a lot! Ideally, we would like someone passionate and experienced with looking after horses, cats and dogs and chickens.

Also, someone looking to relax in the French countryside. We would need all the horses fed hay and water and to have their paddock mucked out daily. They wander around…. We are looking for a reliable and trustworthy house-sitter s who would look after our house and our dog! The main priority will be the welfare of our Labrador, Fleur. In addition, the general day-to-day maintenance of our garden. Our house is detached…. Dependable people of any nationality, with a genuine love of animals, willing to give their care and attention to our cat and our home.

They would be required to feed and take care of our cat, keep an eye on our property and stay in touch with us on a…. Kind and caring sitter s for two pampered members of our family. They just love company as we work from home so are with them most of the time. We have 5 acres of land, so our dogs remain on our land for their short walks, three times a day. We have two outdoor cats which will also…. I would be around some of the time but I would like to be able to take a break.

Unfortunately I cannot accommodate animals….

We are seeking experienced house sitters for a 4 to 6-month assignment in the beautiful department of le Gers, Gascony, SW France from around 01 November The main responsibility for this assignment will be to act as live-in guardians for our property, keeping the place spic…. My name is Leslie and I live in Montpellier for 12 years working in a multinational company.

Beyond introducing key intercultural theories in practical terms, it will also outline the most common mistakes the Nomador team sees and hears about from French homeowners, and provide clear tips you can use when applying to a housesit in France. An Evolution of House-Sitting in France. Although housesitting has been common in France since the s, the form of house-sitting that Nomador espouses - a community-based approach centered around learning and sharing, rather than payment - is relatively new.

In fact, for most of its history, house-sitting in France has been a fee-based arrangement managed by agencies that primarily serve French retirees. These agencies thrived in part due to the specifics of France's society, culture and economy, including:. While the fee-based agency has reigned supreme for decades, things are changing in France. Today, Nomador has practically equal numbers of Francophone and Anglophone members, and the sharing economy is becoming more common worldwide, including in France.

This change creates a wealth opportunities for housesitters dreaming of a French sojourn Theories to Better Understand French Culture. To really understand why some French cultural norms, expectations and habits are different from those of the Anglophone countries, it's necessary to get slightly theoretical. Beginning in the s to s, cross-cultural researchers and academics set about developing systems and measurements to compare national cultures from one another, uncovering findings that have largely held up and are still in use today.

When it comes to practical implications of these findings for housesitters, three cross-cultural communications theories, in particular, are helpful: Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, and High-Context vs. Power Distance is a measure of how well a culture tolerates and expects the unequal distribution of power within their society, and accepts that those with power will enjoy special privileges that those without power will not.

Uncertainty Avoidance is another useful cultural measure, and once again, French culture differs greatly from the Anglophone countries in this dimension. Uncertainty Avoidance is the degree to which members of a culture tolerate and attempt to minimise uncertainty in their lives, and the extent to which uncertainty causes anxiety. Indeed, the average French person doesn't like surprises, and may use control over details as a way to manage and reduce uncertainty and risk.

The third relevant concept is that of High-Context vs. Low-Context Cultures. Again, there's a marked difference between France high-context and the Anglophone countries low-context , which has the potential to create misunderstanding. High-context cultures like France rely on implicit meaning generated through shared knowledge, views and understanding of protocol and norms, and are experts at using non-verbal and indirect communication to convey meaning.

People from low-context cultures many English-speaking countries rely on meaning that is spelled out through verbal or written communication and are experts at direct communication.

Why Nomador?

As mentioned in the introduction, the idea to build this French culture guide arose out of practicality, including Nomador's conversations with French homeowners, and seeing common mistakes made over and over. Now that you're familiar with some of the key differences between French and Anglophone culture, consider the 5 mistakes Anglophones make most frequently when applying to housesits in France:.

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Courteous, polite, and formal communications are highly valued in French culture. Instead, start with general pleasantries and introductions in French:. Because Nomador is a bilingual platform, many French members expect to make arrangements with their house-sitters in French, not English.

Therefore, it is wise to not assume that the homeowner speaks English. Start out with a few French phrases before apologising for not speaking French, and then ask if they speak English. Many French can speak at least a little English and will then make the effort to communicate. End your letter again in French, letting the homeowner know you would like to continue the conversation and using a formal version of Yours Sincerely :.

If a homeowner responds positively to your application, congratulations! Be sure to continue using these concepts throughout the "interview" and pre-house-sit state. Do your best to minimise uncertainty, and continue to use polite language throughout your interactions. When speaking about cultural differences, it is difficult to avoid generalising groups of people. Remember these concepts and guidelines refer to societally-accepted standards across France, and there is considerable difference between individuals and subcultures. That said, if you follow the concepts in this guide, you are likely to be met with appreciation and rewarded with the homeowners' trust.

This guide was written with the input of the Nomador team, and drawing upon my education in Intercultural Communications. However, I also consulted the following sources:. Sleep for free on vacation by watching someone's house and, often, watering their plants and feeding their cat. This one is upfront that it is primarily a pet-sitting service. Partner Caretaker. As you can tell from the name, many are for caretaking or staff positions rather than simple house-sitting.

Still, lots of intriguing opportunities.

House-Sitting in France: A Cross-Cultural Guide for Anglophones

In general, a pricier place to stay has to impress me that it is worth the added expense. Combien coute? Y'a t'il du WiFi? May I see the room? Puis-je voir la chambre? Parlez-vous anglais? Quand est-il ouvert?