Let Your Light Shine, Angel Messages of Healing, Love & Light

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Crystals for Connecting with Your Angels: An Interview with Melanie Beckler

Arizona: All right, Morgan's pointing to me. This is Arizona Bell so I will take it away. Wow, so Morgan and I have known each other since like middle school. We were in the same grade though and we graduated high school and went our separate ways. We weren't close in middle school but we knew each other then.

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I was actually friends of her sister. Fast forward, many years after high school and our late 20's and we noticed each other from social media doing very similar things and into all of the spiritual things and traveling and a free spirit lifestyle. So we reconnected together that way. And how we came to do Spirit Guide's Magazine and everything that has followed since was basically, I had the idea just the name popped in my head, Spirit Guide's Magazine, new maps for old souls.

As we just talked about briefly before we got on, I have a lot of ideas, like that's what happens in my brain. So I didn't think anything of it but some ideas aren't meant for us and some are and that one just wouldn't go away. So for literally 5 years before Morgan and I and got together and did this project, it was just in my brain floating around.

Spirit Guide's magazine, new maps for old souls. Then my mom passed away four years ago and I was like, "Life's too short, I'm gonna do what I wanna do. I'm done working for corporations I don't care about and making the big bucks. So I called up Morgan and I was like, "There's nobody I would rather do this project with and it's an idea that wouldn't go away, do you want it? We launched this digital magazine for spirituality and from there, it's just all been a wild ride, right Morgan?. Morgan: And the rest is history and as many things that are born, this was kind of born in the depths of a little bit of shadows situation for both of us.

I had just left a relationship. Arizona was kind of flexing between where she wanted to be and so we really just dove all into Spirit Guides and gave it, gave everything we had. Then life goes in different directions after that.

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Arizona is in Spain now and I'm in Denver but we're still doing the damn thing. Isn't it amazing how sometimes out of those big, deep, crazy life situations, they really turned into a catalyst for us to grow and create, and heard something new and reinvent things and pull on old ideas. I love. Arizona, that this was something for you that was floating around there for so long. I think what you said is something that I want everyone to pay really close attention to.

It's an idea that wouldn't go away like all had those things in our lives. I feel that's one of those things when you have that kind of persistent presence of one of those ideas or draws or something that you're feeling really called to. That's one of those things you almost know as part of your soul path. You absolutely would write that sometimes life is too short to ignore those things that we're truly called to do and to keep going about our daily grind when i Hey, crystal lovers and welcome! I'm thrilled to be connecting with one of my favorite multi-passionate creatives.

This is Joi from Joi-Knows-How. We've been playing tag on Instagram for a little while, trying to bring you guys this interview and I'm so excited that we actually finally get to sit down and do this today. Joi, thank you so much for being here. I'm super excited. Thank you. You're kind of known as the queen of helping people embrace their multi-passionate creativity.

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Can you tell us about the work you do and how you inspire others to follow the path that you've created for yourself? Joi: Sure, I love that. I gladly embrace that title. The Queen of Multi Passionate Creativity. I'm a person who has always had a lot of different creative outlets. From music to writing, photography and everything in between, and for a long time, it just held me back from ever pursuing anything with any level of seriousness because I felt like until I could choose one thing, I wasn't going to be successful because that was the overarching advice I had been hearing or I would tell people what I was interested in.

I could tell they would just brush it off like, "Oh, it sounds like another new idea. I felt like anything I was going to start, I wasn't going to finish so what was the point of even going after anything meaningful? Then one day I woke up and I literally just decided, you know what?

I've tried picking one thing and that's not working, what if I just do the opposite? That's when I started my blog. I started my blog as a space to put all of my passions in one place. Rather than choose just one passion, if that makes sense. Ashley: Absolutely. I have a few blog posts about crystals because that's one of my passions. Joi: It started off as space for me to put everything I loved in one place and not feel like I had to choose for the first time.

That really created a ripple effect of blogging consistently and seeing that people were enjoying what I was writing.

Then moving to Instagram and telling more of my stories there and seeing that people were starting to resonate with the part of my story that was about being multi-passionate and never really knowing how to navigate that. Once I saw how many people were resonating with that message, literally having breakthroughs, just from me saying the word multi-passionate creative. People are finally realizing, "Wait, there's a word for that and I'm not totally crazy? I'm super focused on creating a community around being multi-passionate and creating resources for multi-passionate creatives.

Because we generally have a lot of the same struggles.

Letting Self Love In - Guided Hypnotic Meditation

Really doing as much as I can through my content and also through one on one coaching to guide multi passionates to living a life of what I like to call 'creative abundance'. There's a quote on your website that I absolutely love and I think it really sums all this up, you say, "I believe having multiple passions is a gift, not a burden. But they might not know that I also love interior design.

I love horticulture, gardening and plants, I love so many other things. I also love painting. There are so many things that I think we each want to explore in this life. Especially those of us who are really tapped into our creativity, that expression comes out in so many ways. More on the healing properties of Green Apatite: Apatite is often difficult to identify and is frequently confused with Beryl and other crystals.


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It comes in many colors which makes it especially deceiving. Apatite is actually a group of minerals containing sever mineral species including the common Fluorapatite which is the type of this green variety. If you've been feeling disconnected from the natural world, this crystal makes the perfect companion to help you reestablish your relationship with Mother Nature. Hold this crystal in your hands and go for a walk in the grass with bare feet is best!

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Green Aventurine: "I welcome wealth and abundance into my life by consciously creating space for thoughts of prosperity. This stone is often mistaken for Green Quartz which is more or less the same but doesn't have the sparkling Mica inclusions of Aventurine. In magic and metaphysics, your intention is everything, and carrying or wearing aventurine can help you remember your career and financial goals — and, in the process, do the things necessary to attain them.

Hello and welcome! Thank you so much, Sarah, for being here today.

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  4. Sarah Balmer: Thanks for having me! Ashley: I am really looking forward to this! Obviously, this is not the first time that we've connected. Not to forget, you were a part of our Crystal Mastery Conference last year. Sarah: Yes, I was!

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