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Please help to raise money to erect a statue of Joseph Carey Merrick in his home town of Leicester to ensure that future generations will never forget Joseph's courage and inspiration. The statue of Joseph will call attention to inclusion, equality, independence, choice, empowerment, respect and dignity to people with a range of disabilities and challenge the prejudice, discrimination and social isolation that many disabled people face throughout their lives at home and at work. The majority - if not all - of the books, plays, and the one and only film of his life focus on Joseph's time spent in London.

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Leicester, his town of birth is barely touched on. In fact, if you asked the general public the question " Where was Joseph Merrick born? Humberstone Gate May Fair, where it is said Joseph's mother was frightened by an elephant, which she believed caused her sons condition. This statue will also remind us that Joseph was a native of Leicester and encourage visitors and tourists to the City, to look beyond our shopping centers and fancy condos and enjoy our rich history and heritage. Leicester Market which dates back over years and is the largest open air covered market in Europe.

A city council spokesperson said: "Joseph Merrick's story is a significant part of Leicester's history, and his story addresses important issues about society's changing attitudes towards disability.

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He said: "Clearly Joseph's physical appearance makes him different to most other statues. Born without any indication of the affliction yet to come, Joseph lived at home first with his mother and father then, after his mother passed away and his father remarried, with his uncle then being admitted into the Leicester Union Workhouse at the age of seventeen unable to find work.

The gates of the Leicester Union Workhouse. The only surviving reminder of the institution which once stood here. After four years in the institution, Joseph, knowing his appearance grew interest, wrote to a local music hall proprietor Sam Torr to offer his services as a novelty or freak, this being the only work options available to him. Once owned by Sam Torr, Jospeh's first manager. The building still stands today. This open space was once occupied by the old Haymarket buildings, where the people of Leicester once met to buy and sell hay and straw.

At 15 years old, Joseph was unable to continue working in the cigar factory.

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The increase heaviness and awkwardness of his malformed right arm, hands and fingers made it impossible for him to carry on with the delicate work required. His father managed to get him a peddlers licence and with a tray of ribbons, stockings, gloves or any other items, Joseph would go door to door and most probably stand in the area of East Gates and the Clock Tower to sell his goods.

An individual member of the Merrick family, Mary Merrick who is descended from Joseph's Uncle Charles Merrick, agrees to a statue being erected in his home town and has given her blessing for the project. As well as raising money through this crowdfunding page, we shall be hosting talks, walks and events and all the money donated will go towards the project.

It's high time someone with facial and bodily deformities is acknowledged in such a way. It's , an all inclusive society, we shouldn't hide away from such antiquated issues.

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Joseph wasn't a pioneer, but he is probably the most well known and the earliest example of a person with a disability who attempted to make his own way in the world. If we do not meet the required funds for a statue, the money will be used for another type of memorial for Joseph in Leicester. Any extra money raised not used for the statue will be donated to a disability charity. Hi all Once again Thank you all for your support. The times are 6pm and 8pm. Please pop along and see this fantastic play by Lucky Dog Theatre Productions.

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Again, thank you Jo. Hello to all our supporters. We now have the new design provided by Sean Hedges-Quinn.

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