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Stargate-like devices, referred to as warp zones , are abundant in video games , as they can be used to split a game neatly into levels. The video games Primal and Turok the Dinosaur Hunter feature gateways allowing instantaneous travel between locations to this effect.

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In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes , a number of ring-shaped dimensional portals allow the main character to travel between Light and Dark versions of the planet Aether. In the game EVE Online , a large object called a "stargate" lets the player travel between solar systems, and in Homeworld 2 , Hyperspace Gates serve as the centerpiece of one of the game's final missions, in which massive rings create wormholes capable of transporting matter great distances. In Super Mario 64 and its follow up, Super Mario Sunshine , various paintings and warp pipes lead to levels, all connected by a bigger level that houses these portals.

Portals are used frequently throughout the Spyro series , with each individual level, or world, separated by portals, allowing for loading screens which do not damage the games immersion. In " Bioshock Infinite ", Elizabeth is able to open up portals "Tears" from another period of time either future or past, in an alternate dimension of their world.

In the Half Life franchise, Combine forces use portals to travel to Earth from Xen , a parallel plane of existence.

In Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars , the alien race Scrin uses portals to transport their armies onto and across the battlefields. The description of their Gravity Stabilizer states that the structure compensates for Earth's intense gravity and magnetic field, "allowing Alien spacecraft to execute short-range teleportation jumps directly to the battlefield". In RuneScape , portals can be used domestically. Players can install portal chambers in their houses that link to different cities in the world, allowing free transport to these places for both them and any visitors to their houses.

In the augmented reality game Ingress portals are placed at sculptures, statues, and other public art , unique businesses, and historically and architecturally significant buildings and the like, but serve as nodes in the game mechanics see graph theory without any transportation function. The game Portal and its sequel, Portal 2 created by Valve Corporation features a portal-creating device, known as the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device , as a central game mechanic which is used to solve puzzles and reach otherwise-inaccessible destinations.

The portals are depicted with few special visual effects; instead, they are shown as representations of the destination, bordered by blue or orange particle effects. In the video game Half-Life , portals are displayed as glowing balls of energy which instantly teleport the user to an inversely colored exit point. In the game Minecraft created by Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten, it is possible to build a portal to an alternate hell-like dimension called "The Nether". When lit, the frame will be filled with blocks resembling whirlpools.

A player standing in the portal long enough will be transported to "The Nether," which consists of caves, lava, fortresses, mushrooms, neutral zombie pigmen, magma-slime creatures, tall black "wither skeletons", and fire shooting "ghasts" and "blazes". Another kind of portal in "Minecraft" is the End Portal, which is a portal found only 3 in the console version times in "Strongholds" throughout the world.

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The players use "Eyes of Ender" to find the End Portal, and places one Eye of Ender in each frame block if not already there. When completed and entered, the player will go the "End", filled with mobs called "Enderman". The only way out of the End is to either get killed or kill the Ender Dragon, which opens a portal back to the Overworld. This is a building that can garrison some units. These units can exit from every tunnel network of their base without any relay.

Play a Raz-Plus Listen eBook without allowing students to see the screen. Pause every few pages and have students sketch what "pops into their heads. Teacher Tip 20 Use a Raz-Plus informational book to introduce students to an upcoming topic being studied in math, science, or social studies. Teacher Tip 21 Challenge students to find and read a fiction book and a nonfiction book on a related topic as they browse in the Reading Room. Then bring the class together for a compare-and-contrast lesson.

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Teacher Tip 22 Create an assignment with only the listen option for all books at the next higher level for a student. This allows the student to preview more challenging texts before he or she begins working at that level in their guided-reading group.

Teacher Tip 23 Did you know that students' reading comprehension can only be as strong as their listening comprehension? Occasionally, assign students the listen option and quiz for a given book to determine how strong their listening comprehension is at a given level.

Teacher Tip 24 Place a set of high-frequency word cards with targeted words from a given level at your computer station. Encourage beginning readers to practice the word cards as a follow-up activity to their time on the computer. Teacher Tip 25 Be sure to tell students that they can use the Back button to listen to pages of a book again.

They can also use the Pause and Play buttons to stop and start the narration. Teacher Tip 26 Did you know that there are many books on Raz-Plus that relate to specific topics you may be teaching? Look for books on animals, insects, ocean life, weather, seasons, transportation, energy, sports, and many more. Teacher Tip 27 Did you know that you can use the resources on Raz-Plus to support lessons on writing genres? Look for examples of expository, narrative, persuasive, and procedural writing.

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Teacher Tip 28 Did you know that sister sites Sciencea-z. Subscribe and explore the Learning A-Z Connections on both sites. Terlemes View Profile View Posts. The fact that one of the portals is hiden by a pice of cloth, which you never encounter in the game until this once can be frustrating. That is kind of poor design.

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