Sampler 6 Christian Sermon Series

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World History - Genesis 2.

Midwest Sampler

The Most Important Exam - 2 Corinthians 3. Jesus - Our Reconciliation - Romans 4. What Is A Christian?

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Five Steps to Spiritual Maturity - Hebrews 6. The Sacrifice of Atonement - Romans 7. Be Encouraged - Romans 8. Crime and Punishment - Levitcus 9.

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  5. The Message of Jesus - Mark A Matter of Faith - Hebrews Here is where we are taught these simple truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in this probationary state, to prepare us for that perfection. It is our duty to be better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today. Because … if we are keeping the commandments of the Lord, we are on that road to perfection, and that can only come through obedience and the desire in our hearts to overcome the world.

    Feelings of inadequacy or anxiety about perfection should not surprise us.

    But the marvelous promise is that He can and will help! Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ means to be settled and firm in our faith so that He can help us become even as He is.

    The Sermon to the Nephites

    Alms are righteous acts of service or righteous acts of religious devotion see Matt. The Savior set the perfect example of one who continually did quiet acts of service and numerous acts of kindness for which He sought no recognition see Matt. As in all things, the Savior showed us the way.

    One in particular is profound. As Joseph Smith himself later taught, only those who resist the Spirit of God are liable to be led into temptation.

    Billy Graham - Who is Jesus? - Chicago 1971

    When the Savior undertook the work of the Father to save all mankind, He had regard only for the glory of the Father. Without knowing that, one could assume that the Savior was telling everyone not to worry about food, clothing, or other necessities of life see Matt. Although Matthew —34 [ Matt.

    Sampler from A Way to Pray

    The primary purpose of our mortal existence is to come unto Christ by following His example and to invite others to do the same. The context of verses 2—5 suggests that looking for fault in others or critically condemning others is what is being censured by the Savior. Elder Dallin H.

    The Savior, of course, knows each of us.

    Manual Sampler 6 Christian Sermon Series

    Because of the Atonement, He knows us better than we know ourselves, including an intimate understanding of all our pains, sufferings, and infirmities see Alma — He not only knows us but He loves us and helps us see Alma ; Isa. President John Taylor said that the statements in Matthew —23 [ Matt. His teachings are a sure foundation upon which we can build our lives to weather any storm see Matt.

    To receive the testimony of Jesus is to hear it, accept it, and assimilate it into our lives. God has promised eternal life to those who come to know Him by becoming like Him see John ; Matt. The Sermon on the Mount is perhaps the most significant testimony of our Lord ever recorded. President Harold B.

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    We owe the Prophet Joseph Smith a debt of gratitude for providing the world with the most insightful rendering of perhaps the greatest sermon ever given. The Savior has promised that those who receive His testimony, which undoubtedly includes the Sermon on the Mount, will inherit the celestial kingdom of God. This Page MP3.