Sanctification: Alive in Christ (Peoples Bible Teachings)

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In all his efforts to do right and to abstain from evil, Paul was blocked by a power which he could not overcome Rom In great frustration he gave vocal expression to the wretchedness which he felt cf. As his desire for holiness increases, so will his sensitivity to and antipathy toward sin. Sin continues to crouch at the door of believers, in order to lead people into disobedience. This is true of every saved person.

Matt Therefore, Paul sometimes found himself to be a prisoner of the law of sin — the principle that evil was still present in him cf. This is the discomforting reality of Romans 7. So then, on the one hand I myself am serving the law of God; but on the other, with my flesh the law of sin.

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Rom ; 2 Cor Chapter 8 Deliverance from Bondage 1 There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Deliverance from condemnation is not based in any way upon some level of perfection achieved by the believer.

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Furthermore, the believer does not attain to a total eradication of sin during his earthly life. It should be noted, this does not mean the believer is delivered from divine discipline or that he escapes divine accountability. LAW, no matter what kind it may be, is established for the purpose of governing or controlling. In light of this, the law of the Spirit of life is the controlling power of the Holy Spirit; this controlling power produces newness of life Rom ; As note earlier , the law of sin is the controlling power of the sinful disposition; this controlling power works death.

The Law cannot make men perfect — it can only reveal their imperfections. Therefore, what the law was unable to do for fallen man, God Himself did — He came to earth in the likeness of sinful flesh and gave His life as an offering for sin on their behalf. He took upon Himself the penalty of death for the sins of all man-kind. Though the law condemns sin and exposes it for what it really is, it is unable to condemn sin in the sense of delivering a sinner from his sinfulness — only Jesus Christ was able to do that.

Verse 4 — By delivering the believer from his sinfulness, the requirement of the Law is able to be fulfilled in him. Because every true believer is indwelt by the Spirit, every true believer will produce the fruit of the Spirit cf. Gal Scripture is clear that, in some mystical way known only to God, a person begins to walk by the Spirit the moment he believes. Nevertheless, on the other hand, he is also admonished to walk by the Spirit as he lives out his earthly life under the lordship of Christ. Phil Although the Holy Spirit sets the believer free at the time of regeneration , the believer does not always experience that freedom.

The grace of God through the power of the Holy Spirit is able to do that which the old covenant law through self-effort of the believer is not able to do — free the believer from the controlling power of his sinful disposition.

Five Views on Sanctification

So, the problem was not with the law, but with fallen human nature. Those who walk according to the power of the Holy Spirit will have the holy life required by the law fulfilled in them.

The key is depending upon or relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit. The actual strengthening depends upon the appropriation of the power of the Spirit by the believer by faith. The Spirit comes to reside in each believer at regeneration, but must be relied upon continually to furnish power for Christian living. The transformation of the believer into the image of Christ is not an instantaneous, once-for-all event.

It is a gradual, step-by-step process throughout the life of the believer. Eph ; 1 Pet — they are Christians all the while, but they grow; a Christian should never stop growing. During this life it is impossible to reach the perfection to which the believer shall attain when he sees Christ in heaven 1 John Paul himself tells us in Phil that he himself had not attained the state of perfec-tion.

Although perfection is impossible during this life, steady progress toward that final goal is to be made. But if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Him. Furthermore, his sinful, fleshly mind does not subject itself to the law of God — it neither wants to do so, nor is not able to do so. Verses — A test of saving faith is the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

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The person who demonstrates no desire for the things of God and does not avoid sin i. However, if Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the spirit is alive because of divinely-imparted righteousness. To live according to the flesh is to be ruled and controlled by that evil complex. Those who live that way are spiritually dead and are not true Christians Eph Rev ; , By the power of the Holy Spirit, Christians are able to successfully resist and destroy sin in their lives.

It was confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit that gave hope to the frustration Paul experienced in Rom Satan is always ready to take advantage of such circumstances and plant seeds of uncertainty. Those who see victory over sin in their lives, who see their sinful desires and practices diminishing, will have the incredible confidence that they indeed are sons of God.

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It is through our faithful obedience to Christ that we experience the gracious working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. This Aramaic term connotes relational intimacy, tenderness, dependence, and a complete lack of fear or anxiety. Jn ; 1 Jn Believers will one day enter into the eternal joy of their Master Matt , and will sit on the heavenly throne with Christ and rule with Him for all eternity cf. Rev ; ; Luke , bearing forever the very image of Christ! In His great high priestly prayer, Jesus spoke to His Father of the incredible and staggering truth that everyone who believes in Him will be with Him and will share His full glory John It is not that believers will become gods, as some cults teach, but that we will receive, by our joint-inheritance with Christ, all the blessings and grandeur that God has.

Because we suffer with Him, we know that we will ultimately be glorified with Him. The more a believer suffers in this life for the sake of his Lord, the greater will be his capacity for glory in heaven cf. Matt ; also see 1 Cor Our suffering is short, whereas our glory is forever; our suffering is trivial, whereas our glory is limitless. The entire created order outside of humanity is standing on tiptoes , as it were, as it waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God.

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  6. It was common in Jewish literature to personify nature cf. Is ; At the fall, God executed a curse on the entire created order; yet in spite of this curse, much of the beauty, grandeur, and benefits of the natural world still remains. Although everything is deteriorating law of entropy , it still possesses an incredible level of majesty and beauty. At that point when all believers are liberated from sin and humanness, all creation will be set free.

    We live in a sighing, sobbing, suffering world. We groan within ourselves over the dreadful curse of sin that is still manifested by our remaining humanness. Paul grieved over the remnants of his humanness that clung to him like a rotten garment that could not be cast off. As believers, we therefore find ourselves waiting eagerly in anticipation of our adoption as sons, the redemption of our body.

    We did not receive all the benefits of our salvation at the moment of conversion. From the outset we have looked forward to full and final deliverance from sin, suffering, disease, and death.

    Critical Issues Commentary: Sanitization or Sanctification?

    The point is that, even after salvation, we are characterized by spiritual weakness. The Holy Spirit supplies us with all we need to be faithful, effective, and protected children of God.

    If the Father knows the hearts of men, how much more does He know the mind of the Spirit. It is a great mystery to our finite minds. For Christians, this verse contains one of the greatest promises in Scripture. Paul is saying that the Lord takes all that He allows to happen to His children, even the worst things every sinful failure, every trial, every evil, every painful experience, every lack of faith , and turns those things ultimately into blessings! Sometimes when we are suffering heartbreak, tragedy, disappointment, frustration, and bereavement, we wonder what good can possibly come out of it.

    In short, whatever God permits to come into our lives is designed to conform us to the image of His Son. When we see this, it takes the question mark out of our prayers. In the physical world , the right combination of otherwise harmful chemicals can produce substances that are extremely beneficial — for example, ordinary table salt is composed of two poisons: sodium and chlorine.

    In the spiritual realm , God can take the worst of all experiences and combine them together to produce indescribable blessing. Act or process of acquiring sanctity. Not to be confused with canonization. Christianity portal. Order of Malta Catholic Book of Prayers.

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