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Brian I think I learned just as much from your responses in the comments as I learned in the post.???????? As always, excellent content, enjoyable to read and easy to implement.

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Win Win Win! Awesome stuff Brian! You nailed it! I will give a try for my blog. Awesome Stephen. In many cases words is enough. Thanks Troy. In my experience that definitely helps. Thanks yet again Brian. Your post reminded me to upgrade my image file names — and to commit to making a few videos gulp! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article with us. Can we also use alt tags without - or not. We all know that after few number of characters 60 to 70, depends on the characters used because Google uses pixel to count that , whatever comes next will be truncated.

So to avoid this, better to start title with keyword. User who looks for his search query in the title of resulting links will also be satisfied, therefore higher CTR. Good point there. People do pay more attention to the first and last 3 words of a title. Thanks, Brian! As always: Your insights are brilliant. Keep up the great work. You are a guru! Epic post, as usual, Brian! Thanks for the great tip. Hey Brian, another wonderfully informative post, I absolutely love the quality of your blog, keep it up.

I started my digital marketing job a little over 6 months ago. Back then, our site was not even listed on Alexa.

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So, we were virtually non-existent on the online front. I bumped into your article on how to get unique visitors per month and I decided to try the tips out. Cutting the long story short, we have improved in our ranking immensely after I followed your tips.

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I will follow the tips on this one and give you feedback on how my most recent post is performing. Thank you for sharing this. Can you write an article more indeep about Internal Linking Strategy for an Affiliate Marketing site? Do you have something from Google on how they look at it?

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Hi Brian, quick question — did Google started to treat underscores as word separators in images or you use them because of habbit? Thank you for the awesome tips! I really liked the tip about just using one keyword in the URL.

One question about this though: What if I have multiple articles about the same topic with the main keyword? How would you handle this? Just add another modifier?

SEO Siloing: How to build a website silo architecture

It covers all the aspects of on-page required for website optimization. Especially the 15th point about the post long content. Good luck with those techniques. I got a question, for B2B product site ranking, do you have any good suggestions? Thanks for your valuable time! Have a great day! Hello Brian okay? I already follow your blog while I am an administrator of a group of SEO Facebook and always put some of their tips there.

Perfect Infographic. Thanks for this updated post Brian. Your post covers almost everything about onpage SEO. Now I will definitely use LSI keyword in my blog post, I am totally unaware of this point before reading your article. Thanks for this awesome tip I hope it will really helpful for improving my posts performance. I read that you recommend only one tag per page. Is the harmful in your opinion? Hi Brian, Your above mentioned strategies were very helpful for me, thanks a ton for such a great article. I had recently started working with an B2B portal, so there is no such place for posts or articles to fill with, site contains product categories, sellers, buyers and all that stuff.

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Please tell me some tips for that. Question after all that! My question is: Does every page need to be optimized on the site? The place pages under this one so I know where the funnel related pages are. Do I need to optimize this organizing page? Do I get dinged for setting up my site this way? Thanks man!

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Your tactics for on-page SEO worked nicely here. Hi Brian, ive been using many of your tips since 3 months. My visits doubled last week. I won in google 2 positions. And i think it is related to on seo page. But I am still suffering from black hat backlinks and guys who are copying all of my exclusive content And are still in top position since more than 2 years.

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  7. I hope to read something in backlinko to know how to beat them with a correct strategy. THanks Again Brian. That can be frustrating. I have a problem where I need to structure my website using child posts where it adds the url of the parent post before the url for the child so they are very very long.

    Adam, Google focuses on the first 5 words of a URL. So depending on how long yours is you may be OK.