The Lost and Found: Finding Your Joy After A Loss

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This physical separation can create a huge gap of unexplained emotions. There is no perfect way to grieve. You received a lot from your animal and will always have in your heart the love he or she gave to you. No two people grieve the same, and it all depends on your experiences with previous loss, cause of death, support system and your beliefs around death.

A Story of How I Found Moments of Joy After Grief

Give yourself all the time that you need to go through the grieving process, as there are no shortcuts. Experiencing the pain of your loss is an essential part of working through and integrating your grief.

Heartache is numbing, and at moments of grief it is important to take care of yourself. There are many ways that this can be done. Grief equals mixed feelings of despair, anger, guilt, shock, denial, pain, bargaining, reflection, loneliness and more! Writing, talking about and expressing how you feel in a supportive atmosphere can help you transform your feelings. The bond that you shared with your animal was filled with love, caring, endearment, tenderness, fondness and enthusiasm.

So, focusing on how your lives and routines evolved over the years, will strengthen the continued relationship that you can have with them in the after life! Feelings of fear, panic, failure or catastrophe are very common during the end-of-life process. The time when your companion is at the end-of-life stages can bring up a lot of feelings. Being compassionate to yourself and thanking your animal for all that was shared can help you be better prepared as you make some important decisions.

Feeling moments of joy after your animal dies is not a cause for you to feel guilty. Fortifying yourself with positive thoughts about your life with your animal never betrays your companion. Instead, this is what your animal really wants from you — to honor the joyful relationship that you shared! So remember, even though your pet has died, they are always accessible to you.

Can you share with us ways in which you cherished your pet and welcomed joy back into your life? What are special things in particular that bring you happiness when you remember your pet? Please join the conversation below! So I am not a weak person but now, I have degenerated disk and arthritis and am losing it. I have been on numerous job interviews only to cry all the way home. I have cried everyday for the past 4 years. I am spent and cannot help my children. Life has no meaning any more and worst of all I am beginning to wonder if God and my mother both hate me because I used to feel my family but now I feel nothing…I just wish it would end.

I cant commit suicide because I would never see my son or my family again and it would cause so much pain for my girls.. So I exist.

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I see this William Albright happy with his son and wife and great job and where is the justice. Maybe there is no justice in life!!!! I see evil heartless people get everything they want and me and my girls have nothing and have given our last penny to that homeless teen on the corner because I see where they are coming from. That could have been my kid. I hate my life.

I use to run 3 times a week and could do anything now, I cant even walk. So you tell me how do I fix this??? I will be 59 this year. I cant wait to die. I just wish I could go with my girls too. So I just have to wait. My family is everything to me and I cant even bury my son. He sits on a shelf in a little black box. I am the worst mother ever! I sadly lost my husband on boxing day to cancer.

He was just We had been together for 30 years. He was my best friend.. I have amazing friends and family ….. I have stopped venturing out…. I think I am going to have to push myself to take little steps to try and reconnect with life…. This is how I feel, Just do not want to do anything at the moment. My dad died a month ago and I never thought I would feel like this. I will just have to try and be patient, not rush things, but others think I am just being an idiot.

Thank you for this post. My husband passed away in March. So many things that I used to enjoy just feel lack- luster and meaningless. Good to read some of this. Just getting through each day.

Loss Quotes

My husband died 4 years ago. I thought my life was over but I met Widower. Within a year we were best friends and companions and we healed each other and fell in love!!!

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We did SO much together. He was an ideas man. He died last Armistice day. He died in my loving arms at home with the children at the foot of the bed. He was an Ordained Clergyman. However, when he was dying in hospital and asking for me I was given my 10 min slot to say goodbye and then asked to leave. He died 3 days later. Since the funeral in their grief some of the children, who were so friendly when he was alive, have cut off from me. I pray for them but it makes me even more sad. I will be here for them if they ever change their minds.

I make efforts to see friends and family and I go to Church. Everyone is so kind BUT I am still alone most of the time. Not pleased. I desperately want to find a purpose for going on, something I can do to be useful, give my life some meaning, find a cause that needs me and can become my focus. Family and friends need me but I need to find something to give me that buzz for living again.

Out of Order: Dealing with the Death of a Child

Sentil… the feelings and thoughts of dying to reunite with your wife who passed away, are almost universal during grieving. Ive just lost my dad and i am hurting so bad people say it will get better as time goes on but i cant imagine me enjoying life ever again. You have to other people need you. I know i lost my wife 3 years ago. I was a feeling lower than ever unable to function for the first 30 days.

I read alot about grief and really tried to get a handle on it but it is very difficult.

Finding happiness after losing a loved one | SELF

What i found was the raw emotions and thoughts have to run there course. Cry as much as you want let it out. All the feelings you have go with the grief and loss. I can tell you with time you will be able to get back to some new level of normal but you will still have bad days. I guess I am just trying to tell you to hang in there. So Sorry for your loss. The grief just sucks plain and simple. Time is the real factor as it goes on you can cope better with the situation. Seek counseling if you feel it will help. My older brother went missing two days after his birthday and i was one of the persons who found his body two days after that.

I wake up everyday feeling more and more empty, and as though my life no longer has any meaning. I tried to help my parents and other older sibling to cope with it, however I myself do not know what coping means to me. I had many opportunities to take my own life but then my family, who is already on the edge of breaking, would snap and I do not think they should have to go through any more pain.

I get very scared these days because my memories of him are fading and the sometimes I can not even remember what he looks like. I do not know what to do with my life anymore, all my dreams and aspirations are disappearing one after the other. How long ago did your brother die?

My son died in a car crash on dec 27 just 3 weeks and one day ago. He was my freind as well as my son. I have been trying to be positive in between my bouts of crying.