The Skinny Slow Cooker Vegetarian Recipe Book: 40 Meat Free Recipes Under 200, 300 And 400 Calories

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Well this lovely and light linguine with crab and mint is the perfect way to enjoy pasta. Bursting with minty flavour this delicious recipe brings together dried linguine, white breadcrumbs, dried chilli flakes and white crabmeat to make a very healthy and low-cal dish. Swapping your burgers for fish portions is a clever way of reducing the calories of the traditional dish. Wraps instead of buns is also a lighter option. Get the recipe: Fish burger wraps. Substituting your meat for juicy aubergine is an easy way to reduce the calorie count in your lasagne.

This open lasagne also has a lighter way of making the classic cheesy sauce. Get the recipe: Open Mediterranean lasagne. Our chilli con carne meatballs is a one-pot wonder. Full of spice and chunky meatballs, this dish is a much healthier recipe for chilli con carne as it uses extra lean beef mine and you can make your own sauce, which contains less salt than using a jar.

The sauce is made up of sweet chopped tomatoes, tomato puree and chilli con carne spice mix. A hearty meal to enjoy with the family. Chunks of meaty tuna, green beans and a light cream cheese dressing, this pasta has subtle flavours but is super satisfying. Get the recipe: Tuna pasta.


Sweet potatoes and lentils make this dish nice and filling while the salty halloumi is a nice naughty treat - well if it comes under cals it can't be that bad, right? Get the recipe: Turkish halloumi bake. Are you hosting a dinner this month? If so this Thai curried noodles recipe is an ideal choice, especially for those trying to watch those calories.

Packed full of Oriental flavour, this delicious dish is sweet and spicy in one. You can add as many vegetables as you like - the more the better! This recipe includes veg like butternut squash, soya beans and pak choi. This Spanish-inspired dish is bursting with flavour and can all be cooked in one pan! Get the recipe: Spanish chicken with beans.

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This Asian prawns stir-fry with jasmine rice is a quick and easy meal to make. With delicious teriyaki sauce and a fresh pack of stir-fried veg, this dish is a healthy mid-week meal and it only takes 15 mins to make. Woman's Weekly Spanish stir-fry chicken is a simple dish packed full of flavour. It only takes 15 mins to prepare and cook giving you plenty of time to sit down and enjoy.

This low-cal meal uses succulent chicken thighs, spicy chorizo sausage and a romano red pepper.

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Leeks, courgette and carrots, this tagine takes 3 hearty root veg and gives them a lovely exotic flavour by combining them with warm Moroccan flavours. Couscous is a low-cal side alternative. Get the recipe: Moroccan root tagine with couscous. Bring Spain home this month with this mouth-watering Spanish beef.

Perfect for when you're having guests over. This low-calorie meal is both healthy and full of flavour with peppers, onions, chorizo, dried chillies and braising steak - you'd be mad not to give this recipe a go! A lemon butter is all the accompaniment you need for this crayfish and pasta pairing - simple and delicious! Get the recipe: Pasta shells with crayfish.

This simple tart is a real treat. There are potatoes in the filling so all you need is some veg or a side salad to complete your meal. Get the recipe: Smokey cheese bacon and potato tart. If you fancy a change from your regular curry then these spicy tandoori fish bites are ideal. With only cals per portion this dish is great if you're trying to be healthy but don't want to miss out on your favourites. You can use fresh haddock loin or monkfish tail as your fish bites. Get the recipe: Beef in black bean sauce.

This salad is so full of flavour that you really won't mind having it for dinner. The chicken will give you enough protein to stay full and the spicy Moroccan flavours will go down a treat with all ages. Get the recipe: Moroccan chicken salad. Get the recipe: Tomato and pepper galettes. Get the recipe: Chinese vegetable chow mein. If meatballs are a favourite meal in your family, it?

This lemony tagliatelle with meatballs is a light meal packed with flavour. This hearty vegetable tagine has a healthy dose of vegetables and protein - thanks to the chickpeas - which will keep you fuller for longer. The slightly spiced Moroccan tomato sauce gives your vegetables plenty of flavour - without raising the calorie count about calories.

Pilaf is not only a great way to use up leftovers, they're also a low-calorie meal option. Combine chicken with rice and vegetables for a filling, yet healthy meals. Get the recipe: Chicken pilaf. This one-pot Italian-style chicken with olives is infused with summer flavours.

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The sweetness of the olives, tomatoes and white wine make this dish irresistible. Your friends and family will be very satisfied with this healthy flavoursome dish.

Healthy Turkey Chili

This low-cal tomato and sweetcorn flan is a great healthy supper. The recipe includes succulent shredded ham and juicy medium-sized tomatoes. If you're cooking for veggies you can take out the ham and replace with a vegetable such as red pepper or onion and serve with a side salad! This simple smoked salmon stir-fry only takes 30 mins to prepare and cook. Packed full of vegetables like ginger, red onion and tenderstem broccoli and served with rice noodles makes this dish light and healthy. This succulent pot-roasted lamb with potatoes and rosemary is a great alternative to your Sunday roast dinner. It combines shoulder of lamb, sweet red onions and rustic in a meaty flavoursome stock.

The noodles make this chicken salad a filling dinner for the whole family. A punchy soy sauce and lime dressing brings it plenty of flavour without raising the calorie count. Get the recipe: Chicken, pea and noodle salad. Chilli beef noodles are quick and easy to make. All you need is rump steak, a mixed bag of stir-fried vegetables, fresh chillies and a collection of herbs and spices from your spice-rack.

Cook in a wok and it'll be ready to eat in 20 mins! Suitable for vegetarians this delicious Woman's Weekly cheese and tomato bake is a great low-cal family meal. With white bread, sweet tomatoes, cheesy cheddar and a hint of pesto this dish will be a big hit with the kids. Get the recipe: Sausage, mushroom and bean stew.

This meaty beef and pepper stir-fry is quick, easy and can be made in 15 mins. This stir-fry includes garlic, ginger, mushrooms, bean sprouts and lots more - a great mid-week meal. This veg-packed tortilla is not only low in calories, it's cheap too. It's great to make if you have people coming round. Get the recipe: Vegetable tortilla.

This garlic, ginger and chilli prawn dish is packed full of Asian flavours and it?