The Teleporter: 2700 A.D.

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After The Flash: Mirage. Carissa's Place Number: Movie Actor Recording. Keep dummy packages on the trucks. Put a duplicate label from the actual deliverable onto a dummy package, except with a small identifier that it's the dummy, and actually ship the dummy package via your armored car network. Won't would-be attackers be disappointed when they get a box of rocks! The duplicate labels can perhaps have a component printed in UV sensitive ink, so black lights in the trucks and secure facilities can help differentiate the actual packages and prevent mishaps where a dummy package ends up getting delivered instead of the real deal.

Well, both labels would have a UV label, but you'd have a convention where maybe the dummy packages have a number printed in UV that ends in an odd digit, while the real packages have the same number but ending in an even digit.

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Have a full armed security escort on the trucks and at the dummy facilities at all times; make it look like you're using this to protect the packages; plus, if someone does attack a truck or facility you can put up an honest show of defending it even if you're not actually defending the secured goods. The security folks can be mundane people -- any private security firm or internal hires of "normal" people.

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They'll never be inside the backs of the trucks or the actual or dummy secured facilities, so they'll never see what's going on. For maximum security, since ventilation is the only potential avenue of risk here, have massive pressurized air tanks buried adjacent to the vault and sealed in concrete ; if the air intake systems detect any contaminants biological or chemical agents they seal off the outside airflow and can keep a nominal supply of fresh air flowing into the vault for hours or even days via the tanks, and scrubbers can help recycle air within the vault removing excess CO2 for even longer operational periods without outside air.

Once the air is determined to be clean again, compressors can refill the storage tanks as needed. Periodically cycling air in the tanks is probably a good idea too, because stale air sucks :P. Cheers to Ister who suggested the inner vault and guard in the truck, to cover things up in the event of an attack i. The biggest hindrance to the plan is their lack of knowledge about the world. If they couldn't handle a job interview, starting and running a business would be a real problem.

They'd likely need to employ some form of intermediary. I imagine it's not nearly as big a thing as they make it look in fiction, but imagine an Amish community wanting to start a major, I dunno, furniture making business. They can make the chairs and tables easy enough, but certain facets of the distribution and business arena are either out of their experience, or perhaps things they're not allowed to do.

So they hire a middleman to handle the business end - pick up the merchandise, take the orders online, etc. As long as the person in question is ethical, and doesn't take advantage of the community, everybody makes money.

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  4. So the Porters make a deal with someone who serves as their intermediary. They need not know their secret, just that they use proprietary procedures that they will not share. Again, as long as the businessperson in question does not get inquisitive, or try to abuse the community, things could go well. Taking that into account, many of the idea suggested here could work well.

    The important part is that front-facing person who serves as the spokesman. The main issue is maintaining secrecy. Therefore, whatever they do, they need to acquire enough knowledge of the external world to safely pass routine communication and inspections in their chosen area. The obvious job would be the courier service regarding which I only have a couple notes in addition or what others have written:. Their main selling point is security during transportation. Apart from the courier service one of the more interesting things they could do would be precision teleportation , which doesn't care that much for distance, as much as for the ability to place the right thing inside another solid thing at the right place.

    For example, think correct placement of remote explosives in mining operation, or similar. If they gain enough knowledge of geology and mining operations, they could literally save millions of dollars by teleporting stuff inside mountain without drilling hundreds of meters of rock. Sometimes, the best secrets are hidden in plane sight.

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    Create magic acts based upon people "appearing" to be teleporting. Other magicians will be amazed at your prowess with sleight of hand! You have video evidence that you were in New York seconds before appearing in Vegas! Then moments later you were in Hong Kong! Then the space station! Are you quadruplets?!? It's amazing!!! If people catch on, you can even claim that you were raised by a cult living in the mountains where everyone can teleport.

    For good measure, your mountain village possibly a fake, but resembling the real thing with no roads leading in or out can be part of your act. You can even make it a high end tourist attraction if you gain enough of a following! The proceeds may not be enough for your whole commune to live on, but it would probably be enough for a nice start.

    Edit : Worth noting, teleporting doesn't just work on the huge "New York to Vegas" scale: it can also work on the "stage left to stage right" scale. Although I'm guessing that there'll be a popping sound any time someone teleports. We may need to figure out some way to play that into the act. For example, sales jobs often require personal meetings in multiple locations. Significant portions of their time is spent in travel from one place to another.

    But teleporters can skip most of the travel. They can therefore do more sales calls than people who have to do the travel themselves, but their pay rate will be based on a rate sufficient to support that travel. They will have to do some work to avoid being caught out. They can purchase property near the locations and store cars there.

    So they only drive the first and last few miles rather than the whole distance. Get two or more jobs so that they won't seem to be nearly as advanced.