The Working Millionaire: $2,000,000 Tax-FREE Wealth Reserve Self-insure Self-fund

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Can You Retire With $2 Million?

Share this Article. Michael Lewis Michael R. Lewis is a retired corporate executive and entrepreneur. He has also been a Registered Investment Adviser with the SEC, a Principal of one of the larger management consulting firms in the country, and a Senior Vice President of the largest not-for-profit health insurer in the United States. I just turned 30 and currently have K in post tax kept in the market , about K in retirement savings accounts, another 15K in cash at all times for expenses. I do not own any property. Not to mention I would have wiped away my post tax savings with the super high cost of living here.

Wealth Factory the Investment Guide for Entrepreneurs

The day I leave the city, I plan to own. Anyways, awesome article — important read for anyone.

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I agree you have a lot of good information. I rent furnished bedrooms which is an approach that doubles the cash flow on a property. I do own my own home. Most of my wealth came from investing in equities. Part-way into my management career, I did an MBA part time, while working , which has increased my earning power. I am separated and have shared custody of young children.

It was an amicable separation, and we each kept all our own assets. As the higher earning parent, I pay child support to my ex. To date, most of my employers were on the small side and did not offer any type of company retirement plan. They offer partial contribution matching so I definitely take advantage of that. Beyond that goal, I might like to retire early, in my fifties.

Only 3 years into my career. Have been maxing my IRA for the past 4 years. Started maxing k last year, and have been putting any extra into a brokerage account. Paid them off in Sept Working as an engineer in a LCOL area. Here are my current numbers according to Personal Capital:.

Hi Sam According to your table, at 45 I should have close to k in k savings, k in post tax savings and k in equity for a total of k net worth. My numbers are more like k, k and 1. Good question! Can you explain how you factor real estate into the total net worth? I would also like to know where I need to be in the top.

I would like to know based on income and net worth.

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My goal is to be a make a million in total gross by 24 and become a millionaire by I read your articles very often so I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for the quick response!

Based on those figures I should be comfortably on my way. Do you have any article showing targets for the top. I have had trouble finding information on that since most of the statistics are on age groups above 35 and I am only Sam, how can I calculate my pension in terms of net worth. It will provide substantial payments for life. Sam — Enjoy your newsletter. Setting goals are great; however, the best laid plans with great opportunity are often met with at least one of the factors I mention that places one in what I call financial recovery mode to be ready for future retirement.

Goals can still be met but realize the road to those goals is often met with the very factors that come with living life. This post it highlights the individual and not the merit couple. I do have a average net worth for the above average married couple post as well. Hi Sam, this is a my first post here so a brief intro is in order. I now live in Pune, India, to be closer to aging family and all the delicious tandoori food. I discovered a powerful tool which helped me build my own set of clear goals.

My goal is to retire now before I turn FS has also inspired me to get going with side hustles and leveraging the internet. My background is as a developer so I have written my first android app as a test bed. Better ideas should follow as well.