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He and I have a wonderful relationship with the exception of one thing: brushing teeth. He hated it.

Hated the taste of toothpaste, too. Bedtime was a struggle just to get him to brush. What a difference! Now brushing twice a day is fun! We brush our teeth together as we follow the animals as they brush.

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The little germs are cute too! And one thing I learned along the way is that I was not brushing long enough! So Chompers taught me something too.

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This free app clearly had a lot of thought and work put into it by its designers. I wish to thank them for offering it for free and for making brushing fun in my house! She loves this app. It isn't just a timer, it actually shows very clearly how to brush, floss and rinse, and kids are rewarded for feeding their "pet" healthy food. My kid has special needs and has had serious cavities and this app is a lifesaver.

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    There are many times I want to organize a class but I do not have enough experience in volunteer activities which would be beneficial for children. By participating CHUM, I have been walking down the road to self-discovery even without my intention. In the effort of connecting with my mentee, I must observe, listen, and talk to her to understand what she likes to do.

    Mentoring is a journey which does not only help the mentee, but is also fulfilling for myself. It is full of emotion, full of knowledge, full of understanding, which in turn causes us to understand and love each other.


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    After all love is the most contagious thing. With the support from a mentor, my Little Chum has improved in her performance in school, has started writing a diary, has become confident in her ability to paint and draw. She draws pictures of he idols and "she never forgets to draw a picture of me, as her second idol". Hoai also shares that "My Little Chum has changed a lot compared to the early days. Due to misunderstandings, we experienced some problems during the mentoring process but things have definitely improved as we continue working together.

    My Little Chum is more active in this relationship, he even calls me first when needed. Yet I think we still need to invest more to make this relationship to reach a deeper level. Relationships with other Big Chums have also help me a lot in the mentoring journey, especially in group activities for Little Chums.

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    This relationship helped me recognize a lot of things, including my previous heartless behavior with my little brothers at home. Whenever I can not arrange the time to meet my Little Chum, I feel very sad because I know he needs more time with me. Recently, we have one new rule, that is every time we say good bye we will hold hands and hug each other.

    When we met two weeks ago, he forgot this rule as I was about to leave. I gently gave him a reminder and he immediately ran over and gave me a huge hug.

    The Dawn of Chums

    For the first time, I could feel that it was a hug with love and it made me so happy. I love joining activities related to children and education. I used to come to Ceporer to screen movies for kids and I really like the work they do. I was struggling to find a way to get back to working with children and then I discovered CHUM which appeared as a wonderful opportunity for me to become involved once again. I registered to participate immediately.

    In the beginning, everything was very hard for me because my Little Chum and I did not seem to have any thing in common. Besides, she is in the adolescence stage with a lot of psychological and physical problems that I have not truly understood. To help the situation, I decided to create some activities that were totally new to both of us. Together we read books and did arts and crafts projects. Gradually, she becomes more open minded with me. I hope that through these activities, my Little Chum will pay more attention to people around her and be more confident because according to her, she is really afraid of being criticised by other people.

    When reading the mentor recruitment of CHUM, I was immediately impressed with the "companion" phrase. I want their childhood to be more fun, more memorable and for them to have a place to share their inner thoughts. Until now, I think that my Little Chum and I are still learning how to interact with each other and grow our relationship.

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    • Not only do I impact her, she impacts my life as well. It is not easy for a kid to allow a stranger into their life, while trying to create a relationship with them. I'm trying everyday in my mentoring journey to create a positive relationship between us, becoming a friend to my Little Chum is enough fun for me. And after 6 months of joining the program I was not disappointed. I have a very meaningful relationship with my Little Chum.