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How is Electricity Measured?

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We offer a comprehensive accelerator curriculum that will provide aspired entrepreneurs with the education, mentorship, and funding to build their ideas into a full functioning, money making operation. With a purely resistive load, the apparent power is equal to the real power.

Where a reactive capacitive or inductive component is present in the load, the apparent power is greater than the real power as voltage and current are no longer in phase. In the limiting case of a purely reactive load, current is drawn but no power is dissipated in the load. Some devices, including uninterruptible power supplies UPSs , have ratings both for maximum volt-amperes and maximum watts.

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The VA rating is limited by the maximum permissible current, and the watt rating by the power-handling capacity of the device. When a UPS powers equipment which presents a reactive load with a low power factor , neither limit may safely be exceeded.

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In , the total capacity of U. We can shift our nation away from dirty fossil fuels and toward cleaner, renewable sources of power—but not without you.

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You are here Energy. How is Electricity Measured? Understanding watts, megawatts, kilowatt-hours, and more.